WELcome to my blog

where I share tutorials, snippets, and ideas about applied machine learning, Python, and software development in general. Many are opinionated, but I am open to discussion. So, any thoughts on my work? Please, comment or drop a message.

I didn’t start a coding career with a computer science degree, but energy engineering. I am a self-thought programmer, happy to learn along the way.

Couple years ago I got into ML rabbit hole. As all you know, it is a wide specialization, from research to MLOps and I am sharing from the whole spectrum to keep my interest going.

At some point, I passed AWS ML certification, so cloud-related posts are and will be about Jeff Bezos’s empire.

Last, but not least, thank you for your understanding of my non-native English. If you spot (which might not be too hard) any ambiguous or badly written phrases, please message me, so we can reduce world entropy together.